Enemy Ace - Fighting Machine

I seek Peace every day. I do not like conflict. I try to stay away from conflict but I am unafraid of conflict. I seek to be a Peacemaker. I often say to students when they come to me with a conflict, “Who is willing to be the peacemaker here?” That student will get gratitude from me and a pat on the back. I will let them know how proud I am of them.

Fighting Machine

“You cannot help—what you are—a first—class—fighting machine…!” - Enemy Ace*  

Hans von Hammer was a world class pilot during World War I flying a Fokker DR.I and fighting for Germany. One thing he never did was give up. His character was streaked with darkness, depression and pain from the horrors of war. Friend or foe alike noted that Enemy Ace was honorable, noble and chivalrous. He did not take delight in his victories but honored his opponents and mourned each victory as a loss. He tried not to enter the battles. The fighting was something he had to do not take pleasure in the fighting.

Either argument or physical battle, the fight can be devastating to both sides. But keep in mind fighting is not the way of Peace. We can learn three lessons from Enemy Ace. One lesson is never give up. If we find something important enough never give up no matter the outcome. Once we enter the frail of battle never give up. The second lesson is to take each victory as an opportunity to mourn. The Tao suggests that after each battle there will be famine and people will say, “Why did we fight?” Important questions to ask are: What is the purpose of fighting? Why should I fight? What will life be like after the fight? The opponent has a reason for fighting and that needs to be taken into consideration. Christianity suggests turning the other cheek. The battle field will be filled with victors and losers and from those seeds only thorny bushes will grow. The final lesson from Enemy Ace, that when we fight and fight our personalities and frame of mind is affected. We become depressed and defeated spiritually. The best course of action would be not to enter the battle.

Enemy Ace
First Appearance: Our Army at War #151, February, 1965 

Creator: Robert Kanigher (writer), Joe Kubert (art)

* DC Showcase Presents, Enemy Ace #58 September/October 1965