Alfred Pennyworth - An Alfred

I often wish I had an Alfred – Someone to take care of all those little things that I just don’t have the time to finish. To Bruce Wayne Alfred is so much more than a paid servant he is a true friend.

An Alfred

“Everyone should have an Alfred.” -  Jason Todd*                             

Many superheroes have a strong supporting cast of followers. Batman has Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Robin, the Red Hood and James Gordon. But the most loyal and most trusted person in Batman’s arsenal of followers is Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth. Alfred is Batman’s butler and has been with the Wayne family before Bruce Wayne (Batman) was born. Alfred is a retired Actor and UK Intelligence Officer.  Shortly after Bruce and Dick became Batman and Robin, in an attack by a burglar Alfred accidentally found the Bat-cave. He decided to help the two heroes become better and support them in every way. For many of the Batman Family Alfred is the Father/Mother figure, Confidant, Nurse, Doctor, Lawyer, Fashion Designer or best friend. He is always present.

Family and Friends – that is an important phrase. Many of our actions are guided by what our family and friends would think or say. The people that surround us help put us on the path we are to lead. They are often our mirrors. They are our teachers. They are our support. There is an old southern colloquialism, “Don’t do anything that would embarrass your mother.” The idea of a mother is nurturing, pretty creative and caring. Why do anything to disrupt those thoughts. A modern colloquialism is “every straight girl needs a Gay friend.” A good friend will help find just the right dress, will be truly honest and say what is right to make the situation better. Today instead of trying to find “an Alfred” try being “an Alfred.” Be that person in a friend’s life that is always present. Be a Father/Mother figure, Confidant, Nurse, Doctor, Lawyer, Fashion Designer – be a Best Friend.

Alfred Pennyworth
First Appearance: Batman #16 (April-May 1943)

Creators: bob Kane (writer) Jerry Robinson (art)

* “Last Dance. Last Chance…For Death!” The Red Hood and the Outlaws, #18, May 2013