Bud - Cool World

Our world is a very cool place to live. My time in Spain, and the Pyrenees have reawakened my excitement for the world around me.  

Cool World

“Is this a cool world or what?” - Bud*                                                      

In the distant future our world will be plagued with wars. All sorts of weapons will be used that will leave the planet decimated. The inhabitants of Earth will mutate into hideous mutants. A robotic scientist, Dr. Kildare will collect six mutants for an experiment that will repair their genetic birthright. The experiment worked – Ackroyd, Tanya, Shannon, Bud, Piper and Dillon became the first Ex-Mutants. Their hope is to repair their world and bring peace to the planet still plagued with war.

When we open our eyes to wonder we can see things differently. One day look out the window and just watch the world. Even from top of a skyscraper in New York the world is a wondrous place. Talk to a child and find their excitement. Our world is very cool. Our world is wondrous. Look at a sunset/sunrise - it’s beautiful. Watch the cycles of the moon. Notice the changing of the seasons, the turns of the tides or watch the coming of a storm and feel the change in pressure. Our world is a wondrous place to live. We should keep that wonder in our minds and hearts. In so doing we may prevent a planet decimated by war.

First Appearance: Ex-Mutants, #1 (1986-89), Eternity/Amazing/Pied-Piper Comics

Second Appearance: Ex-Mutants, #1 (Nov. 1, 1992-April 1 1994), Malibu Comics

Creators: David Lawrence, Ron Lim and David Capiti

* “Ex-Mutants”, Ex-Mutants, #1, Nov. 1, 1992, Malibu Comics