Iron Fist - Alone

For whatever reasons I tend to think that I am going through this life alone. I know I am not alone, I have many friends and family I can call when I need help or to whom I can share the good news. But I still struggle with my ideas of solitude, perfection and doubt, even in my relationship with Stephen. I’m lucky that Stephen forces me to be upfront and honest – to be an active part of our relationship. He wants me to share my life with him and I want him to share his with me. We’re never alone.


“…Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own drama we forget we’re not alone on this stage.” - Iron Fist*  

As a young man Wendell Rand, a wealthy entrepreneur found the mystical city of K’un-L’un. Years later He, his wife, Heather and their son Daniel tried to return to K’un-L’un. On the journey Wendell and Heather were killed. Nine year old Daniel found the mystical city alone. He was raised in K’un-L’un by Lei Kung. Daniel was trained in the martial arts and he became the best of Lei Kung’s students. Daniel Rand must complete a task to gain the strength to be the K’un-L’un protector and gain the power to bring his parent’s murder to justice. The task defeat the dragon known as Shou-Lao the Undying and plunge Daniel’s fists into the “molten heart” the dragon guards.  Daniel Rand defeated the dragon, plunged his fist into the molten heart. Now whenever Daniel focuses his chi he can turn his fists into something of iron. Daniel Rand returned to New York City and became the Immortal Iron Fist. Daniel Rand accomplished a lot alone. But he is the first to remind us we are not alone.

We are never truly alone. Take a moment and think about your journey. There are people along the way that helps you – parents, friends even strangers. We may win the race, or achieve the recognition but we never fully “did it alone”. But “sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own drama we forget we’re not alone on this stage.” We get so wrapped up in our own anxiety, fear and negativity that we forget there is a wealth of family and friends willing and ready to help. We may not want the help or advice but still it is nice to just tell someone that we had a “crappy day” or we got that raise yesterday. There are people who actually care who will walk with us – all we have to do is ask. Today call a friend just to chat and break the solitude.

Iron Fist
First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #15, Marvel Comics (May 1974)   

Creators: Roy Thomas (writer), Gil Kane (art)

 * “Choosing Sides”, Civil War: Choosing Sides, #1, December 2006, Marvel Comics