Triplicate Girl - Join the One

Triplicate Girl has always been one of my favorite Legionnaires. The Balance (PSE) that comes with of her power is important to me. I seek Balance (PSE) in my life daily. But also, when she and Chuck Taine, Bouncing Boy, got married was important to my overweight gay lonely self. Here was a person that accepted another person for all their flaws. It let me know that at least in a fictional world all people were accepted for who they were.

Join the One

“All join the One. One binds the all. The beginning meets the end. Such is the cycle of Life.” - Triplicate Girl*

Luornu Durgo is from the planet Cargg. Cargg has three suns and because of this all Carggites can become three separate people then rejoin to become one person. Eventually Luornu journeyed to Earth to join the 30th Century Legion of Superheroes to become Triplicate Girl. Each one of Luornu’s selves had a separate personality with certain characteristics – the first is Physical, the second is Spiritual and the third is Emotional. When she returns to her one-person self she becomes a fully actualized person. However each self was a separate entity and could act separate from the others but each was Luornu Durgo. During one of their missions the Legion was trying to defeat “Computo, the Conqueror” the insane Artificial Intelligence. One of Lournu’s selves was destroyed and Triplicate Girl became Dou Damsel. Soon Luornu met and fell in love with Bouncing Boy – Chuck Taine. The two left the active duty of the Legion to become teachers for the Legion Academy.

Luornu Durgo is very lucky. She is in tune with herself – so much so she is in Balance. We often her people speak of Balance – Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. It would be lovely to be in perfect balance without conflict between our physical, spiritual and emotional selves. The answer is easy. Just realize that there is only one self with three parts. Each part participates fully. It is the cycle of life. Here is a daily challenge to help combine the One and find Balance. Each day do Physical exercise but while doing the exercise do something Spiritual (repeat a mantra or prayer) and finally complete the task with something Emotional by journalizing or sharing the experiences with a friend.

Triplicate Girl
First Appearance as Triplicate Girl: Action comics #276. DC Comics (May 1961)  

Last Appearance as Triplicate Girl: Action comics #340. DC Comics (January 1966)  

First Appearance as Dou Damsel: Action comics #341. DC Comics (February 1966)  

Creators: Jerry Siegel (writer) & Jim Mooney (art)

* Legionnaires Annual #1 1994 DC Comics “Elseworlds: Castles in the Sky”