Giant - A Giant Among Men

The thing I like most about this project is that I come across heroes I know nothing about. This story of Giant piqued interest. I would like to know more. It’s so fun to find an obscure comic or superhero and then become inspired.  

A Giant Among Men

“YES! I will be a giant among men! I will do all those things and more!” - Giant*                  

The year 1932, in the Egyptian desert, an archaeological dig is taking place. A strange Greek tomb has been found in Egypt. Melissa D’Arque and William Johnson are leading the dig. Upon finding the burial tomb Melissa is possessed by the tombs inhabitant becoming the villain Dark Malice. Upon her departure the tomb collapses trapping William inside. Just before his death Zeus appears to William offering him an opportunity to become more than mortal, to become the world’s champion and to use the power wisely. William accepts the offer and is granted a harness that gives a portion of Zeus’ power to the wearer. William finds he has great strength, a healing factor, can grow to great heights making his strength greater. William finds he can focus Zeus’ lightning into blasts. These gifts come with a price, when the harness is removed William becomes human and ages. Also, if he uses too much power he becomes weakened and must rest. William Johnson takes the name Giant and sets out to inspire a new age of heroes.

“A giant among men,” how many times have we heard this or variations of this phrase? Every hero we read about is told at some point in their story to be great, to be a giant or to be inspiring. We find however the truest of heroes do not want the job, but they take on the mantle of hero because no one else will or can. Is it possible for the everyday man to do great things? YES! We see heroes all the time do great things. However, the lowly teacher can be heroic when she stops a bully from harassing a student. Returning a Smartphone left on the subway to a person can be heroic. Speaking to a friend honestly from the heart can be heroic.

First Appearance: Champions, Role-Playing Game, (1981) Hero Games, Heroic Systems

Second Appearance: Champions, #1 (June 1986) Eclipse Comics

Creators: George MacDonald, Steve Peterson, Bruce Harlick and Ray Greer

* “The Origin of Giant”, Champions, Volume 1, #1, 1988, Hero Comics