Batwoman - Best Dinner in Town

The original Batwoman, was always so well-mannered and polite. Even when she was fighting crime she had good manners. I try to be well mannered and polite as well. On this day let me remember to say, “thank you.” I live by that old southern charm of politeness. I always send “thank you” cards. I am always giving my friends hugs for the littlest of gestures. I always want to remember to show my gratitude.   

Best Dinner in Town

“Thank you all! Let me treat you to the best dinner in town…” - Batwoman*                 

Katherine (Kathy) Kane was raised in the circus as an acrobat and daredevil. She was also the heiress of a vast fortune. Kathy Kane had a secret love for Batman. Like Bruce Wayne, using her skills and fortune she created the identity Batwoman. Eventually she realizes Batman is not interested and the dangers are too great and goes into retirement. Kathy Kane becomes a good and trusted friend of Bruce Wayne. Sometimes Kathy Kane can be lead out of retirement to solve minor mysteries. 

There is nothing wrong with showing gratitude. It is nice when someone does something helpful or nice. Be sure to say, “thank you”. Don’t let kindness go unrewarded – even if it is a heartfelt expressed “thank you”. Some people think that those fast running out the door thank yous are good enough. No, they are not. Friends truly want to hear the emotions and feelings in the gratitude. There is nothing wrong with keeping a set of thank you cards handy. Fixing friends a gratitude dinner can be fun and a reason to party. We can walk up to helpful friends give them a hug and say, “Thank you for your help today. It means a lot to me.” Remember the more we share the stronger we become.

Batwoman (Kathy Kane)
First Appearance: Detective Comics, #233 (July 1956), DC Comics

Creators: Bob Kane, Shelton Moldoff, Edmond Hamilton  

* “Old Super-Heroines Never Die – They Just Fade Away!” Batman Family, Volume 3, #14, Oct 1977, DC Comics