Tonto - Trouble

Despite the stereotypical characterization of him, Tonto was one of my favorite characters. He was like the Green Hornet’s Kato. The better fighter, the one to solve the problem and was always there for the rescue. I loved him because the minority was the true hero. I would watch the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and even Batman for the sidekicks – they were always better than the “hero”. The hero could never face the trouble without their sidekick.


“Trouble find Tonto even when him not look for it.” - Tonto *                                              

Seeking for gold two gold miners using dynamite caused an explosion in a mine. Tonto, a young Native American was trapped by the explosion. He was saved by a Texas Ranger, John Reid. A few years later when Tonto came across Reid’s body after an ambush he recognized Reid immediately. He nursed Reid back to health. Reid and Tonto developed a friendship and became the Lone Ranger and Tonto, bringers of justice to the Old West.

Trouble! We are fully aware of trouble, we have experienced it many times. It can be an old funny annoying clown to some or a specter of evil to others. Either way we all have met trouble before. How we deal with trouble is the question? Do we run from it or face it head on? It depends on the situation. In every situation there will be some kind of trouble but look at trouble as part of the cycle – part of the journey. Solve the issue and move forward. Maybe take steps to prevent some trouble; sharpen pencils, check tires or pack extra socks. Today when trouble appears look at it smile and move forward.

First Appearance: “The Lone Ranger”, WXYZ radio; Detroit, Michigan, February 25, 1933

Creators: Fran Striker & George W. Trendle 

*”The Lone Ranger”, Wrather Productions, Warner Brothers, Feb. 25, 1956, actor Jay Silverheels