Longshot - Miracles

I’ve been accused of being a Pollyanna. I don’t care, it's true. I believe in miracles and I see miracles every day. If I can see the miracle then I know there happening in my life.


“Gotta keep my motives pure. I forgot that – I know the way…the miracles will follow!” - Longshot* 

Some heroes are just lucky. Longshot is from the Mojoverse where the tyrant, Mojo creates scenarios for Mojo’s personal entertainment. Longshot was a free slave and fought against Mojo. Head geneticist Arize gave Longshot and others slaves free will and specific genetic gifts to help in their battles. Longshot has the specific abilities of Psychometry (reading psychic residue), Probability Manipulation (causing probability to move in your favor), Superhuman Agility and a strong Healing Factor. People watching Longshot will be amazed, he can track his prey easily, he never misses and cannot be held for long. With these gifts everything Longshot does seem to be miraculous. The truly miraculous thing about Longshot is his mullet hairstyle.

Miracles – an extraordinary extreme or unusual event or accomplishment that seems so strange or wonderful that some would describe it as divine. Some people take miracles as purely divine while others think that miracles happen every day and can be seen as the sunrise or the blossoming of a flower. Seeking miracles will only reveal miracles. Many members of Alcoholics Anonymous use the phrase, “don’t quit before the miracle,” to hang on and white knuckle their sobriety. To a recovering alcoholic the simple change and the release from the desire of alcohol is a “miracle”. This is all about our focus or how we view the world. Is it possible to look at the sun or a flower or even a work of art and see a miracle? Look for miracles and they are found. Just remember the mullet is not miraculous.

First Appearance: Longshot, #1 (September 1985), Marvel Comics

Creators: Ann Nocenti (writer) Art Adams (art)

* “A Man Without a Past”, Longshot, #1 (September 1985), Marvel Comics