Synapse - Express Yourself

I’ve been thinking a lot about the old game, City of Heroes. I go through periods of missing it and coming up with new heroes to create for the game. It was one of the most fun MMORPGs to play. Creating and leveling a hero was/is fun for me. In the comics for the game Synapse was one of the funniest characters. The really fun thing about Synapse, just like Madonna, he was always ready to express himself.

Express Yourself

“Sweet Sassy Molassy, it’s the motherload!” - Synapse *                                                     

Here’s a typical superhero origin story. Simple account, Steve Berry, working for the large corporation, Crey Industries, finds out the company is dealing illegally and tries to report the crime. The company kidnaps Steve and subjects him to scientific testing to keep his mouth shot. Because of this testing Steve Berry becomes the electrifying hero, Synapse. Paragon City, Rhode Island, the City of Heroes would be lost without Synapse. Being a super speedster Synapse is always quick with a comment. The heroes look forward to hearing his electrifying comments – funny and/or poignant. 

Superheroes are unafraid to express themselves. If they think it, they will probably say it, no matter how silly or whimsical it may be. No matter how poignant or angry it may be. Expressing one’s self in a conversation is important.  Yes, we would not or should not use slang in speaking with the President, our bosses or our ministers but we can express our true selves in elegant and productive ways. But also, if something good happens – get excited and express it. If something bad happens express the sadness. Expressing our selves is how we let the world get to know us. The expression of one’s self is the truest form of a spiritual connection. Any Higher Power would ask you to express that love, devotion or feeling. It is in the expression that we move forward in our relationships – Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally.


First Appearance: As part of “City of Heroes” (MMORPG) April 27, 2004

First Appearance: In the publication, City of Heroes Issue #1, Vol. 2. June 2005

Creator: Sean Michael Fish 

* Synapse, City of Heroes, Issue #5, Vol. 2 Troy Hickman, Wilson Tortosa, October 2005