Tigra - Fear of Change

The character Tigra has gone through some many changes. I liked watching Tigra go through these changes. It’s interesting to watch how writers and artists will change a character over the years. I enjoyed Tigra’s evolution. The character was totally at the whim of the writers. I wish change could be as easy as someone just rewriting your story line.

Fear of Change

“For a long time I let the fear of change keep me from doing what I really want to do.” - Tigra *

College student Greer Grant met police Officer Bill Nelson and feel in love. Their marriage was sweet however very short – bill was shot in the line of duty. Greer needed to find work, so she took a job with Dr. Joanne Tumulo, who was working on unlocking the human potential. Tumulo turned Shirlee Bryant into the villain, “the Cat”. Greer talked Tumulo into letting her undergo the experiment as well – donning the same costume Greer was able to bring the Cat into custody. Greer had adventures as “the Cat”, in the classic Gold and Black costume. HYDRA wanted the experiments by Tumulo. Tumulo and Greer tried to stop them when Greer was shot with a radiation gun. Tumulo took Greer to the “Cat People” (Tumulo is a member), an ancient tribe of people. They offered to heal Greer but that would mean she would become the Tigra. The Tigra is the protector of the Cat People. The Tigra possesses superhuman strength, retractable claws, speed, agility and heighted senses. Greer accepted the gift Tigra – protector of the innocent.

We can talk about often is fear. Fear prevents us from talking care of ourselves, accepting gifts, chasing our dreams or even taking the next spiritual step. To some, fear is to be afraid of or expect harm or expect failure. To others, fear is “Forget Everything And Run”. The opposite of fear is Hope. Whenever we experience fear it is hard to act. When fear is present we can turn our attention to Hope. Hope is always standing right behind fear. Hope is always present. No matter how dark the fear is Hope is always at the end of the tunnel. From other lessons change is a good thing – today fear will not prevent us from changing because Hope is always present.

First Appearance (as the Cat): The Claws of the Cat, #1 (November 1972), Marvel Comics

First Appearance (as the Tigra): Giant-Sized Creatures, #1 (July 1974), Marvel Comics

Creators: The Cat: Stan Lee (writer), Marie Severin (art)

Creators: Tigra: Tony Isabella (writer), Don Perlin (art)

* “Tigra”, Icons, #2, June 2002