Black Canary - Gifts

Dinah Laurel Lance, Black Canary, is one of my all-time favorites. I watch her story unfold and then to fall into mediocrity to rise again through the comic book series “Birds of Prey”. During the time that she did not have her “Canary Cry” she still had her fighting talents. However, one thing that Dinah always has in her stories are dear friends – friendship is a powerful gift.


“Oh, this makes a lot of sense… I’m going to take on twelve armed men with nothing but my Good Looks and Quick Wit…” - Black Canary *                    

For Dinah Laurel Lance, “The Black Canary” life has been a series of gifts.  She has a “quick wit” and “good looks,” but she also has a sonic scream (Canary Cry) powerful enough to break steal and disable adversaries. Dinah has been a founding member of the JSA (Justice Society of America) and the JLA (Justice League of America). Trained by the world champion boxer, Ted Night (AKA Wildcat) Dinah has a black belt in the martial arts. She’s had relationships with Green Arrow (her true love), Dr. Midnight, and various other superheroes. She is one of the best superheroes. The one gift that Dinah excels at is creating floral arrangements – she owns a flower shop. Flowers bring Dinah true happiness and pleasure.

We all have gifts. We may not recognize them as gifts. Some of us may sing, some of us may even paint beautiful pictures and no one would argue that these are gifts. However, some of us cook great meals, some of us are very nurturing; some of us are even very organized. These are great gifts also. Those little things we do, sharing them with people are our gifts. The lawyer that writes and speaks very well, the scientist that can see a missing variable quickly, the single mother that raises three children and has a full-time job all have powerful gifts that need to be recognized. May we all find our gifts. May we learn to share them openly with others. Recognizing and nurturing our gifts will make us strong. Utilizing our gifts for others will lead us in the direction of our heart’s desire, and help us on our journey.

Black Canary
Original Appearance: As Dinah Drake, the Black Canary, Flash Comics #86, Aug. 1947 

Silver Age Appearance: Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary 2, JLA. #75 Nov. 1969   

Creator: Carmine Infantino

 * “New Wings” Black Canary #4, Feb. 1992