Red Tornado - Declaration

Poor Red Tornado, just because he is an Android he gets destroyed so often it has become humorous. I have thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal in shows like Batman: The Brave and The Bold (Warner Bros. 2008-2011) and Young Justice (Warner Bros. 2010-2011). Red Tornado is a very complex and interesting character. He is that traditional Pinocchio story – an artificial being seeking to become human. We can examine the truest human nature through this android.


“Declaration: You cannot mock love for it was love that created you!” - Red Tornado *

Supervillain, T.O. Morrow created an android to infiltrate the Justice League of America to gain secrets and find a way to defeat them. But like most plans by supervillains – the plan failed. The JLA was able to free the Red Tornado from T. O. Morrow’s control. Now the Red Tornado lives as a superhero and a controls the winds and atmospheric pressures with super speed and strength. Yes he is an android/robot but he has a secret identity, John Smith. He tries to live as a human and tries to express his feelings as a human. He has a relationship with Kathy Sutton and their adopted daughter Traya. In this makeshift family he is able to find one feeling that gives him great power – this power makes the robot human. That power is LOVE.

Love! What is it? The dictionaries tell us so many definitions. The religions tell us a different thing. Our parents tell us what love is often. And the dude sitting next to you on the “love seat” tells you a totally different thing. Let us put love in a context that a superhero can understand. Love is a power. Would you not agree that any situation is made better with a tiny bit of love? You are arguing with a friend you decide to be a peacemaker and show them a little kindness then argument ceases – that is Love. You give a homeless person a sandwich. The smile they give in return is Love. The warmth you feel when someone you care about touches you ever so gently – that is Love. Why try to describe Love? Love is a power. With that power you can be a superhero! Go out and declare your Love!

Red Tornado  
First Appearance: Justice League of America #64 (August, 1968)

Creators: Gardner Fox (writer) & Dick Dillin (art)

* “Batman: The Brave and The Bold: Hail the Tornado Tyrant”, Corey Burton (voice), June 5, 2009