Namor - Testament to My Sincerity

One of the oldest Marvel superheroes, Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Created in 1939, Namor, has a deep and rich history. He’s been a hero, villain, prince and beggar, sage and fool. He and his DC doppelganger, Aquaman, has always been favorites of mine. They both inspired me to seek a career in Marine Biology. Although, I am so glad I found Art instead.

Testament to My Sincerity

“You have heard the flowery phrases…and promises pregnant with hope…but promises are fragile as glass and more easily broken, while phrases are empty things when not bolstered by action. So, let my words and promises be soon forgotten…and let my deeds from this hour forth bear testament to my sincerity.” - Namor*                                                                  

Captain Leonard McKensie of the icebreaker, Oracle, was traveling the Antarctic coast. Captain McKensie met and fell in love with the blue skinned Atlantean Princess Fen, the daughter of King Thakorr. The princess was sent to spy on the land dwellers. However falling in love was not part of the plan. Emperor Thakorr sent a force of Atlanteans to retrieve Princess Fen and in the battle Captain McKensie and the crew were killed. Princess Fen gave birth to a pink skinned boy. He would grow to become Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Prince Namor has been the son of the sea, son of the land, a hero, a villain, prince and beggar, sage and fool. His main purpose has always to be an honorable protector of the sea.

Here is a good opportunity to discuss Integrity. Being honest and displaying strong principles are seen as having integrity. Integrity is also when something is whole and undivided. Prince Namor had the right idea. Making promises and speeches are only part of the idea. There must be action. Integrity is when our words and actions are the same. If we promise it, if we say it then we should do it and believe it. The more integrity we gain the honorable our fellows will treat us. Today make a promise and keep it.

Namor, the Sub-Mariner
First Appearance: Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly, (April 1939), funnies Inc.

First Public Appearance: Marvel Comics, (October 1939), Timely Comics

Creators: Bill Everett

* “The Twain Shall Meet”, The Sub-Mariner, #3 of 4, November 1984, Marvel Comics