Warlord - Growing Up

One of my favorite artists is Mike Grell. I first became aware of his work with the Legion of Superheroes. I read anything he worked on Green Arrow, Sable, Tarzan and Warlord. His work was one of the inspirations that inspired me to create my own art. His work helped me through my rough childhood.

Growing Up

“That’s not even a question. You go with what you grew up with.” - Mike Grell

Skartaris, the hollow Earth, where the Sun never sets, and time means very little. For Vietnam Veteran Travis Morgan, Skartaris became home when he flew his SR-71 through a hole into hollow Earth. With his .44 pistol and a sword he became Skartaris’ protector, the Warlord. Travis Morgan finds many lovers and fathers children. Unbeknownst to Morgan, his friend Tinder, is his son Joshua Morgan. The evil Deimos pits Tinder and Travis in a battle to the death. It is during this battle that Travis is mortally wounded, and Joshua finds his father. Joshua Morgan takes up the mantel of the Warlord. A child of Skartaris the new Warlord protects and serves the only home he knows.

This is not a happy story for sure. Many of us can claim that our childhood was difficult. Growing up is hard – the growing pains do HURT. But we can let the pain make us stronger. Instead of suffering let it inspire us to move forward. Then we can use the pleasant memories to inspire us to be even STRONGER. Let the positive move us even farther. Remember treating ourselves like precious objects will make us strong. Use what you “grew up with” both positive and negative.

The Warlord
First Appearance: Travis Morgan, 1st Issue Special #8, (November 1975)

Last Appearance: Travis Morgan, The Warlord #12, (May 2010)

First Appearance: Tinder/Joshua Morgan, The Warlord #15 (November 1978) 

First Appearance: The Warlord, Joshua Morgan, The Warlord #12 (May 2010) 

Creators: Mike Grell