Al Pratt (the original Atom) & Work & Sweat

The one thing that can be confusing about comic books and superheroes are their alternate timelines, other realities or the original characters. Al Pratt, the original Atom, is one of those characters. He is from the golden age of comics (1940). Then in 1961 when Ray Palmer became the new Atom we lost touch of Al Pratt. But DC would move Al and the rest of the Golden Age Justice Society of America to Earth 2. It all became confusing especially when there were cross-overs. All the different story-lines of Al Pratt, was his size and his lack of power. If there is anything to learn from Al Pratt it was to work hard and prepare for the job at hand.

Work and Sweat

“…But I had to Work and Sweat under a top-notch fight trainer named Joe Morgan, for every muscle I’ve got! " - Al Pratt (the original Atom)*

Albert “Al” Pratt was a 5’1”, 98 pound weakling and could not impress his childhood dream girl, Mary James. So Al started to train with Joe Morgan, the same trainer that trained Wildcat and the Guardian. Having no powers Al Pratt would eventually put on a mask to become a “mystery man” and then become a founding member of the Golden Age Justice Society of America. Taking the name Atom, He would fight alongside some of the strongest superheroes known to the Golden Age.

OK so we all don’t have super powers, but we can work hard and try our best to be better people. After a job well done we feel good about our job. We feel good about ourselves – mentally, physically and spiritually. We feel a sense of pride. The harder the job the better the feeling. Keep in mind after a job well done there is the opportunity to retire and rest. We are trying to build something: a good life, our dreams and great opportunities. Colin Powell says it best, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Go for it; work hard building your dreams!

Atom (Al Pratt)
First Appearance: All-Star Comics, vol. 1 #19 (October 1940), DC Comics

Last Appearance: Zero Hour, Volume 1 #3 (part 2), (September 1994), DC Comics

Creators: Bill Flinton & Bill O'Conner 

* “The Tyrant Out of Time!” All-Star Squadron, #2, October 1981