Dr. Fate - Might

The magical based characters are probably some of my favorite characters. The concept of snapping a finger and having everything change is a great power to have. Thanks to comics, books and movies we have learned that with “great power comes great responsibility” and there is a price to pay for the great powers used. Dr. Fate had to pay for his use of magic. He became a Lord of Order seeking the Balance between Order and Chaos. This is a high price to pay and a heavy weight to carry upon one’s shoulders.


“This is not a matter of Might. It’s not a question of Power…It’s an issue of Will.” - Dr. Fate* 

 There have been many to wear the Helm of Fate, the Amulet of Anubis, the cloak of Destiny and the Moniker of Dr. Fate. Kent Nelson is the golden age, Dr. Fate. After Kent’s Archaeologist parents were accidentally killed in the Egyptian tomb of the wizard, Nabu. The ancient Nabu took pity on Kent and raised him in the ways of magic and the Laws of Order and Chaos giving to Kent the Helm, Amulet and Cloak. Kent would become a member of the Justice Society and meet his wife Inza Nelson. The two lovers would build the Tower of Fate and try to keep Order and Chaos in balance. Dr. Fate would use magics to keep him and Inza young. Eventually these magics cease to work, Kent and Inza Nelson passed on to the Greater Realms. The moniker of Dr. Fate would soon be passed down to others worthy of Nabu and his magics.

We have heard all about power and “might makes right.” The Taoist believes that the soft and weak are the best weapons. The Quakers are committed to peace and treating each other equally without violence. How we treat others and move forward can be boiled down to the “will”. Are we fighting against or working toward? Members of Alcoholics Anonymous speak of aligning their “will” with a Higher Power. Look at water. We think water is the weakest of elements, but the drips of water can whittle away great mountains. Water has aligned itself with the Cycles. It is easier to go with the flow and follow the cycles. For people – who has an easier life…People that fight and complain about everything or people that will peacefully stand up for themselves and go with the flow?

Dr. Fate   
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #55 (May 1940)

Creators: Gardner Fox (writer) & Howard Sherman (artist)

*Justice Society America #51, July 2011