Bombast - My Home

Jack Kirby was one of the greatest comic artists. His art has inspired many comic book artists. He has created many of our most popular superheroes – Captain America, the Fantastic Four and the Hulk. Today’s hero is one of the last creations of Jack Kirby, Bombast.

My Home

“My world was never…like this…all man-made! My home was organic alive! This is so cold… so dead!” - Bombast*                                                                                                                         

An earthquake erupts in Chicago. A rift opens in Grant’s Park and out walks Bombast. Asleep for 15,000 years Bombast cannot remember why he was asleep, who put him there. All Bombast remembers is where he came from – his home. Bombast is a well-trained fighter and can turn any substance or object into a weapon. All he knows is he has to solve the mystery. Searching Chicago, he finds a pod like the one in which he awoke. There he meets another hero Night Glider and Captain Glory. Then the true mystery starts – it is a Secret City Saga. 

Today let’s care for the Earth. Our world is organic and alive. Does that mean the cities we build and live in are dead and un-alive? No! The people in them are very much alive. But still caring for the world is important. We are earthlings, we live on Earth. What we need is to care for the forests and farm lands. We need to grow more food. We need to dispose of waste more efficiently. We need to conserve more fuel. Thinking of ways to be conserve more is a good thing. Run air conditioners and lights less. Use public transportation, ride bikes or walk more. Recycle more products. Do things to help our farmers more – purchase directly from farmers, vote for legislation that helps the farmers. We could also have our own small gardens. Growing plants help the Earth flourish. The little things help. Our home is still Organic and Alive – think of ways to keep it so.

First Appearance: Bombast, vol. 1 #1 (April 1993), Topps Comics

Creator: Jack Kirby (Creator)

Developers: Roy Thomas (writer) Gary Friedrich (script) Dick Ayers & John Severn (art)

* “Bombast Lives” Bombast, vol. 1 #1 (April 1993), Topps Comics