Zauriel - Be At Peace

Here is a good example of how my concept was changed by just a little shift in story. The angel Zauriel had been around in the comics for a few years and for whatever reason, I didn’t really care for the character. Then when Zauriel became a regular in the series, Shadowpact, I began to see him in a different light (pardon the pun). I’m a little sad he and Shadowpact are not around in the new DC Comics stories. For today, this New Year, 2018, let’s think of lessons Zauriel taught – Peace. Happy New Year!

Be At Peace

“Be at peace, Ragman. I am with you.” - Zauriel*

Zauriel is a Guardian Angel of Heaven’s Eagle Host of angels. He is armed with a flaming sword or Archangel Michael’s Battle Staff. However, he falls in love with one of his charges and attempts to give up his angelic job. The Angelic Host allows him to leave Heaven. However, the angel Asmodel attempts to over through Heaven like Lucifer attempted. Zauriel learns of this and fights alongside the heroes to stop Asmodel. Heaven and the Presence of God for his duty and sacrifice reinstate Zauriel in full standing. Zauriel has appeared to heroes, such as Hawkgirl, Supergirl, and Ragman giving spiritual support advice and counseling.

Angels! We all have experienced angels in our lives. They show up in our friends and family or even strangers. Sometimes they are the unexpected. But all angels bring the gift of Peace. Peace is a good topic to write about, think about and meditate on daily. Of course we would all agree that peace is a non-warring or arguing state of being. Peace can be harmony as well. Once Harmony becomes part of the definition of Peace we naturally begin to think of Balance (PSE). It would be better if we decide our own definition of Peace finding Balance (PSE) within ourselves. Today meditate on Peace and find the Peace within. 

First Appearance: JLA, #6 (June 1997), DC Comics

Creators: Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Howard Porter and John Dell  

* “Protégés”, Shadowpact, #17, November 2007, DC Comics