Shadowman - See Every Day

Shadowman, was an interesting comic book. The whole New Orleans Jazz and Voodoo aspects drew me in quickly. However, I could never really get into the violence of the comic. The second of January, the second day of the new year is a good day for reflective thoughts. How will our new year progress? If you have the time reflect a little longer today.

See Every Day

“I’m not something you see every day..." - Shadowman*

New Orleans Jazz Saxophonist, Jack Boniface enjoys his life. The thrill of the performance and music nourishes his soul. He meets Lydia. Goes home with her and awakens from a blackout but changed. Each night he finds himself hunting for the evil influences of the darkness. One night there is a lady screaming for help. Jack finds a carnival mask and rescues the lady. The next day, Jack’s housekeeper, Nettie, in her voodoo language sees the dark aura around Jack and calls him the Shadowman. That night a new hero is born. Using his dark voodoo powers Shadowman hunts the denizens of the night, protecting the innocent.

Something new happens every day. Something different happens every day. Something is let go of every day. In the practice of a spiritual life there is always something acquired and something lost. The growths could be so small we don’t recognize them – the cloud formations at sunrise. The growth could be huge, deciding to leave a 10 year job to start a new job. The trick to a worthwhile spiritual life is to recognize this concept. Start looking for the new or different daily events. Recognize that daily something is loss or given away – do not let that loss stop the growth. The new and exciting has come to replace the loss.

First Appearance: Shadowman, #1 (May 1991), Valiant Comics

Creators: Jim Shooter, Steve Englehart, David Lapham and Bob Layton

* Shadowman, #1, November 2012, Valiant Entertainment LLC