Batgirl - Attitude

This is my first blog. I been thinking about starting one for a VERY long time. I've had ideas come on go for various blogs. But every idea has involved a Superhero themed blog. I see superheroes as angels and ideals to reach as a human. If thought about with an open mind superheroes can be fun, exciting and spiritual. With that in mind, a good comic with a favorite superhero can always change my…


“... and everyday was wonderful fun.” - Yvonne Craig – TV’s Batgirl

For a superhero attitude is everything. Take Barbara Gordon, Gotham City’s Dark Damsel, Batgirl. The only thing she has in her favor is a nifty utility belt, plus a photographic memory and a black belt in judo. So how can the daughter of Commissioner Gordon go against evil villains like the Killer Moth, Blockbuster, Clayface, or even the Joker? It’s her attitude. No matter how dark, frightening or evil things may become Batgirl always finds time to laugh and to smile. As a result, she finds joy, fun, and happiness. “A hero is not measured by what her power may be but by the courage she shows in living and the warmth she holds in her heart.” * Superheroes demonstrate healthy attitudes even under adversity.

We have choices, we can be either frightened by the day, worried that things will not work out, burdened by fears and doubts, or we can smile and laugh at our mistakes. Seeking the fun in the little things and realizing that we make our day good or bad. It is all in our attitude and the joy we have for just living. Depriving ourselves of the many little joys in our day will make the day long, hard, and difficult. So, wake up everyday with a good attitude, don’t be afraid to challenge the world and look for the fun.

First Appearance: “The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl” Detective Comics #359, Jan. 1967
Creator: Carmine Infantino

* Batgirl, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Marv Wolfman and George Perez, 1985 issue 7, page 41