Archangel - Sharing

I often think of superheroes as people with gifts they share with the world. I have been known to doubt myself and think I have nothing to share. This isn't true - I'm a good listener, a talented artist and I have a great laugh. Those things I can share with people daily. Heck - this blog is a way for me to share with people. 


“…Do you regard me as one of God’s children? …Well, Then I figure that whatever God gave me – I can share with the World.” - Warren Worthington III*

Some superheroes gain their powers or strength by pure accident and some are born with their gifts. Warren Worthington III or better known as the mutant Archangel, wasn’t struck by lighting, came from another planet, or made a special suit. He was just born with his amazingly beautiful wings that allow him to fly. He also, over the years mutated further and he can now heal the sick or dying. The unfortunate thing about Warren is he has always struggled with his mutation. But eventually he has come to terms with his mutation and started sharing his gifts openly. 

Finding our gifts are difficult – especially if we think we have none to share. But we do have gifts to share. We all have a heart that loves; we have ears to listen, hands to hold, and a mouth to speak. These gifts are for us to use, to share with our fellows. Sharing with others makes life easy to live. Why walk the path alone when we can share it with a friend – sharing with others makes life easy and special. When Warren Worthington III came to terms with his mutation he found a host of friends to share with every day. When we give up the struggle and share our lives with people we find a whole world of people to share. Some of us give great hugs, some of us are great listeners, and some of us know exactly what to say. The one thing we all have that makes sharing easy is our hearts. When it is time to share just trust and follow the heart. 

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1, 1961

As Archangel: X-Factor #38, Mar. 1989

Creators: Stan Lee (writer) and Jack Kirby (artist)

 * “Wings Over the World” X-Men Unlimited #8, June 2005