Wonder Woman - A Little Exercise

I love to exercise – I try to ride my bike 5 days a week. I get my heart rate up, I feel good about myself and I can work out the anxieties and stress that builds up in my body. I sleep/rest more comfortably and I find Balance (PSE) easier. There is many benefits to a little exercise.

A Little Exercise

“Nothing like racing a speeding train for a little exercise.” - Wonder Woman*

Diana is Beautiful as Aphrodite, Wise as Athena, Strong as Hercules and Swifter than Mercury. She is the Princess of Paradise, the Amazing Amazon - Wonder Woman. Formed out of clay by her mother Hippolyta and given life and gifts by the gods.  Diana becomes the champion of the Amazons, and the ambassador to “The Patriarch’s World”.  The Amazons of Themyscira (Paradise Island) teach peace through perfection of mind, body and spirit, but to have peace one must prepare for war. What better way to teach a balance of Mind, Body and Spirit through exercise.

Exercise is good for the body and heart. But exercise is also very good for the spirit and emotional aspects of health. We all seek Balance (Physical Spiritual and Emotional Balance). Exercise will help in all three areas. The physical is a given with exercise – our heart rate goes up; we are breathing and work those muscles. When exercising we are also relieving stress from the day and working out those shoulders that bear the burden. This is the Emotional part of the workout. During long workouts, we get to a place when our thoughts clear and we think more fluidly. Answers come to us or we realize what direction to take in our lives. This is the spiritual workout. Ancient Greeks believed the best way to connect to your god is to be in the best health (PSE). In today’s standards that still certainly applies.

Wonder Woman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman, National Comics All-Star #8, December 1941

Creators: William Moulton Marston (writer), H. G. Peter (art)

 * “Dilemma” Wonder Woman, Hostess Twinkies Ad, 1978