Hellcat - The Moment May Pass

I am glad, I got this idea to write about superheroes in a way that can be helpful. The Taoists believe that “those who know do not speak.” I will not pretend to know or understand what it means to be spiritual or a superhero but I do understand what it feels like to be a human that cares for other people and how to treat other people. I’m glad I did not let this moment pass to create this modest blog.

The Moment May Pass

“I know you think I’m just a silly female, but what you don’t know is I’ve waited all my life for this moment! You couldn’t stop me with a team of wild horses!” - Patsy Walker*

During an adventure Iron Man and Captain America offered Patsy Walker a physically enhanced superhero costume and she became “Hellcat”. Then she went on to join the Avengers, the Defenders and to battle demons in hell. She trained how to use a low-grade telepathy, how to defend herself against the mystical arts, and developed her own “demon sense.” But the character Patsy Walker has been a character in superhero, romance and teen girl comics since 1944. In 1975, when the character was made a superhero, the writers made it a moment in a lifetime for her, and she would not pass it up.

We have all been offered opportunities. Some of them are big, for example, a free trip to Hawaii, or an illustrious job in New York City. Some have been little and not so meaningful, for example, the opportunity to go see Yankees play baseball game. We are often given the opportunity for a reason, we may not know what that reason is now. But if it is something we really want, and it is something that will come once in a life – free trip to Hawaii, no matter how foolish take the trip. If you have never seen the Yankees play a game go, the seat next to you maybe the love of your life. Kobi Yamada once said, “Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.” Life is a journey, with many things to see and do, don’t let the opportunity pass you by, take the leap don’t miss the moment.

Patsy Walker -- Hellcat
First Appearance: As Patsy Walker, Miss America Magazine #2, 1944

Second Appearance: As Hellcat, “Claws”, The Avengers #144, Feb. 1975

Creators: Of Patsy Walker, Stan Lee (script), and Ruth Atkinson Ford (art)

Creators: Of Hellcat, Steve Englehart (script), and George Perez (art) 

* “Claws”, The Avengers #144, Feb. 1975