Red Star - Politicians

Today’s hero is poignant on so many issues. I am not going to try to be political or get into the various debates this topic raises. I know I can take a Pollyanna approach to things. I truly believe though being kind and helping your neighbor whoever they may be promotes peace and understanding. My neighbor Mrs. Brown is in her 90’s, you would think we would not have a lot in common but after 20 years of living across the hall from each other we have become good friends. It all started one day when she needed help with her groceries.


“Perhaps if we all survive, the politicians will remember this cooperation and build a better world for us.” - Red Star*

Young Russian, Leonid Konstantinovitch Kovar is on an archeological expedition with his father to investigate a spaceship that crashed in the Yenesi River. The ship explodes. From the explosion Leonid is imbued with super strength, stamina, speed and pyrokinesis**. Leonid Kovar becomes the (DCU’s) first Socialist superhero of Russia’s Soviet Union. He took the name Red Star and joined the Teen Titans. While with the Teen Titans he meets Pantha and Baby Wildebeest. The three leave the Teen Titans to become a family.

Let’s put aside our feelings and ideas about situations and people. Let us work together. Forget that people are different races, orientations, genders, religions, parties. Remember that first and foremost we are human beings – Earthlings. The best way to dispel hate is through education and what better way to learn about someone than working with them. There is nothing wrong with being kind to strangers. Your neighbor, the little old lady, would appreciate help with her groceries. A lost tourist would appreciate directions. “Perhaps if we all survive; the politicians will remember this cooperation and build a better world for us.”  

Red Star
First Appearance: Teen Titans, volume 1, #18 (December 1968), DC Comics

Creators: Lin Wein and Marv Wolfman 

* “Worlds in Limbo”, Crisis on Infinite Earths, #5, 1985 DC Comics

** “Pyrokinetic” word created by Stephen King in “Firestarter”