Skids - Regrets

It is our nature to sit back and go through our lives reliving the past. But what happens in doing that is we find resentments and regrets. I wish we could remember just the good times. I think the regrets and other negative thoughts have a purpose. They can help us not relive things and move us forward. It is, however, a good idea to spend more time thinking about the positive. Positive thoughts have a greater gift. Positive thoughts are stronger.


“You wanna talk about regrets? I’ve got a million of ‘em.” -  Skids*                                         

Sally Blevins never wanted to be a mutant but as luck would have it she was. Sally can generate force fields that can take any form she chooses. They are as strong as her will. She took the codename “Skids”. Sally’s mother died and her stepfather abused her. Sally ran away from home and found a group of homeless mutants calling themselves Morlocks. An evil mutant, Masque disfigured many of the Morlocks. During the M-Day event, in which many mutants lost their powers. Sally retained her gifts while her friends did not. Many of her friends were killed when the Mutant Haters dropped a bomb on her school. Through it all Sally may have hit rock bottom living on the “Skids” and she may have regrets but her true spirit has protected her.

“Regrets, I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention…” the lyrics to the famous song “My Way” comes to mind. But what are regrets? According to Webster they are feelings of loss, remorse, disappointment, or sorrow and a sense of fault. Over the years we have caused people pain, hurt their feelings, not completed tasks or properly said good bye to loved ones. When we are regretful we are re-sensing a feeling or event. When we remember or re-sense something it is normally negative and guilt ridden. The best way around regrets is to live a life in the moment. Do our best to act and say what we need in the moment. If you find you did not act accordingly then forgive yourself and move forward. Make amends or repairs where needed and continue your path. Realize you did what you could in the given moment with the information and situation. Just live in the moment.

First Appearance:  X-Factor, Vol. 1, #7 (August 1986)

Creators: Louise Simonson (Writer) & Jackson Guice (Artist) 

*X-Force, #78, June 1998