Batman - Taking Things For Granted

I never know what will happen during a day. I appreciate my home, health and friends. So many things can happen in one day. Ask any teacher about their day - so many things can change. Teachers never take for granted that quite moment before the kids arrive. I think as things progress we will talk a lot about change. Change is good. Change is a sign that we are on the right path. Let change happen naturally but appreciate what can be lost.

Taking things for granted

“Yet sometimes I reflect on the positive elements I might have embraced from life: Stability, Security, Family, basic but precious things my neighbors take for granted.” - Batman*           

As a child Bruce Wayne lost both his parents in one night. A criminal took their lives in a dark alley. He was instantly catapulted to wealth beyond belief but that did not ease his guilt or suffering. Instead as he grew into manhood he created a dark menacing figure – Batman – to battle crime in Gotham City. And he realizes that things can change instantly. Bruce Wayne / Batman never takes for granted that he will always have a home, wealth, friends, or even help when needed. He stands on his on two feet taking care of him self. Batman stands strong never weakening in the face of disaster or change.

Change is inevitable. There is no way to fight change. We never know when a hurricane or tornado will strike. We never know if today is the day that the other shoe will drop. But we do know that today we can go to work, we have a roof over our heads or we have people in our lives to walk with us. We can start each day with a smile, telling those around us we appreciate them. Change is the universe’s way of telling us to move along on the spiritual journey. It is how we stand in front of change that makes the difference. Never take things for granted, stand strong and move along the spiritual path.

First Appearance: Detective Comics #27, May 1939

Creators: Bob Kane (art), Bill Finger (script)

 * “Batman: War on Crime,” November 1999