The Flash - Hope

I’m excited for a new day. I won’t bore you with some spiritual rhetoric about yesterday’s eclipse. I will say, that a Star for me is a symbol of Hope. My star tattoo is my personal symbol for Hope. Hope will always lead me to LOVE. Hope is what I’m thinking about today.


“Th-there’s hope…there is always Hope… time to save the World!” - The Flash (Barry Allen)*

Of all the speedsters and Flashes (four of them) Barry Allen is the most popular. Barry Allen as the fastest man alive was always the responsible hero, finished his work, helped his friends, and saved the world. His wife Iris always came first. He had high ideals and fought for them. One thing about Barry, he always seemed to come upon different villains or events that would slow him down, and tried to prevent him from using his power. He always found the way, and he never gave up hope. At the time of his comic book death, he proclaimed, “Th-there’s hope…there is always Hope!” *

“Hope” a simple word, easily spelled but probably misunderstood. Hope is not wishful thinking, hope is not child-like wonder (but both are very important). Hope is determination, hope is trust, and hope is belief that everything will work out just fine. When we are alone in a dark room at night, we look into the darkness unafraid because there is knowledge that light will come again. That knowledge is hope. Hope is an internal flame, a spark, power – knowledge that everything is OK and fine. We take that knowledge and we hold on, muddle through, we trudge the road – we succeed. James Frey wrote, “Be smart, be strong, be proud, live honorably, and with dignity and just hold on.” When we feel hopeless we are not hopeless. The hope is there just buried under old junk, lies deceit and mistrusts. It can be found again, we just need to nurture ourselves. One way to find hope again is to talk, share, and communicate with a friend or love one. Tell somebody you feel hopeless, your friend will then tell you just how hopeful you really are.  

Flash, Barry Allen
First Appearance: Barry Allen, “The Flash” #105 March, 1959 

Last Appearance: Barry Allen, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” #8, 1985

Creator: Carmine Infantino  

 * “Crisis on Infinite Earths” #8, 1985