Moondragon - KISS

I was recently reminded to “Keep It Simple Sweetheart.” Some people say “keep it simple stupid but I’m not stupid. I’m in the process of simplifying my life and my home. I’m throwing away the clutter and sweeping away the unneeded. My life is becoming simpler and more manageable. I’m finding my anxiety is loosening its grip and I can move freely throw the day. Keeping things simple can make the day easier.

Keep It Simple Sweetheart

“A simple matter, really – A reshuffling of his intraform molecular migration.” - Moondragon*

Sometimes superheroes do not have simple lives. Heather Douglas is one of those heroes.  As a child Heather was on a family vacation and the evil cosmic villain Thanos killed her family. She was teleported to Saturn’s 7th moon, Titan and was given mental, athletic and scientific powers. Heather trained and gained control over the “Dragon of the Moon”. Heather changed her name to Moondragon. Thinking she was a goddess Moondragon shaved her head and became quite arrogant alienating everyone around her? She made a failed attempt at becoming a "Celestial Madonna." And she has had many failed relationships. When Titan was destroyed Moondragon returned to earth to find allies to help destroy Thanos. Moondragon soon join the “Avengers”, and the “Defenders.”  The “Dragon of the Moon” corrupted her body and Moondragon died, but as luck would have it she was resurrected in a clone of her cousin. When Adam Warlock gave Moondragon the Mind Gem (one of the Infinity Gems) she joined his “Infinity Watch.”    

Artists say, “Less is more. More is less.” The simple design is pleasing to look at and understand. As the images become more complicated the work loses information and importance. There are some very busy complicated works of art but if we break the design down to the basic elements and principles (Line, Color, Shape, Mood, Movement, Emphasis, Unity, Balance) the designs are actually very simple and easily followed. We can apply these lessons to life. Keep our designs for living simple. We don’t have to clutter our lives with this or that. Pearl S Buck wrote in her book The Good Earth, “There is never enough to do more than feed us today.” If we only have enough for our needs today then why complicate matters? Making things simpler can be difficult at times and will take some thought but with practice it becomes easier. We might throw the junk in the closet away or we may just need to take a walk at lunch. Sometimes it can be as easy as waking up and going to work smiling. Just remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart).       

First Appearance: Iron Man, vol. 1 #54, Jan. 1973

Creators: Bill Everett (plot), Mike Friedrich (script), and George Tuska (art)

 * “LIFE Be Not Proud!” DareDevil (& the Black Widow) #106, Dec. 1973