Mon-El - Explanation

Hope is very important to me. Trying to explain it is difficult. All I can say is when I was at my lowest point it was Hope that lead me to LOVE and I was raised up. The explanation for the low point isn’t important. The thing to remember was I found Hope and pulled myself up. For me it was all a learning and growing process.


“Don’t give up hope…there has to be an explanation somewhere…” - Mon-El*

The young explorer Lar Gand from the planet Daxam visited Krypton. Jor-El warned Lar of the imminent destruction of the planet and sent him to Earth. Upon crashing on Earth Lar Gand suffered amnesia and met Superboy (Clark Kent). Lar Gand developed the same powers as Superboy. Clark decided that Lar was his brother and named him Mon-El, because Lar arrived on Monday and the family name is El. Mon-El took the earth name Bob Cobb. Mon-El is allergic to lead. To save his brother Clark sends Mon-El to the Phantom Zone. When Superboy joins the Legion of Superheroes, Brainiac 5 develops a serum for Mon-El. Retrieving Mon-El from the Phantom Zone and administering the serum the Legion gains another hero as strong and powerful as Superboy. 

The message here is “Never Give Up Hope”. There is always an explanation when things happen – even the tragic things. The Tornado struck because of the weather. The Tsunami is because of the deep ocean volcanic eruption. These things NOT sent to hurt people. People just happen to be present at the time. The lesson is to never give up Hope there is always a way out. Just remember in any situation you may be the Hope that someone needs.

Based Upon: Halk Kar, by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman #80, Jan.–Feb. 1953

Second Appearance: As Lar Gand, Superboy #89 June 1961

Creators: Robert Bernstein (writer) & George Papp (artist)

*“The Fatal Five Who Twisted Time!” Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes #198, DC Comics (Oct 1973)