Misty Knight - Really Real

A new school year starts this week. I do feel a little nervous at the beginning but I also feel Hope. I also think about the children I have taught over the years and their stories. The truth is children are powerful little creatures. Sometimes, I wish I could retain their spiritual outlook.

Really Real

“I know you. You’re the hope that went away. You’re the idea of a child. And you’re the only thing I have that’s REALLY REAL.” - Misty Knight*

NYPD Police Officer, Misty Knight, was severely wounded in a bomb attack in which her right arm needed to be amputated. After resigning from the NYPD (Misty refused to take a desk job) Tony Stark approached Misty Knight to receive a bionic arm. This arm has superhuman strength and can connect to any type of technology giving her “technopathic” abilities. Misty soon met the “Heroes for Hire” Daniel Rand (Iron Fist) and Luke Cage (Power Man). Misty and Daniel fell in love. He helped her start her own detective agency, “Nightwing Restorations Ltd,” with her partner Colleen Wing. Over the years she has worked with many heroes and has come up against many dangerous villains. The one thing that helps Misty the most is her determination. The one thing she finds real is her inner Hope.

Many spiritual and emotional practices will have the sitter seek the “inner child.” The Taoist believes that the faith of the child is the strongest of faiths. The Tarot card, the Sun, the card of power is often depicted as a happy smiling child. Think about it – young children are resilient and forgiving. Young children can find joy in anything. During times of stress children have no problem asking for help. They know everything will work out just fine. Young children keep a positive attitude. This is Hope. “Hope” is powerful and important to our well being. Hope is the one thing we have that is “real”. We never lose hope all we have to do is look for hope. No matter the situation if you look for hope you will find hope. An 8 year old once said, “I used to be a design but now I’m a tree.” What could be more real and hopeful than an 8 year old?

Misty Knight
First Appearance: Misty Knight, “Marvel Premiere” #21 January, 1975 

Creator: Tony Isabella (plot), Arvell Jones (art) 

 * “Heroes for Hire” #4, May 2011