White Witch - Bless The Teachers

Today is the first day of school. I’m excited and a little nervous but I’ve done these many times. Today I want to remember some of my teachers. Remember what I’ve learned from them (the good and bad). I want to give to my students exactly what they need even if that means its uncomfortable to me. I try to make all my students feel appreciated and cared for while under my tutelage.

Bless The Teachers

“Bless the teachers for their constant reminders…” - White Witch*                                             

In the 30th Century there will be a group of heroes known as the Legion of Superheroes, they were influenced by Superman and his fellow heroes of the 20th Century. The Legion is a group of young people from planets across the galaxy gathered together to be a positive influence in the universe. On the planet Naltor all Naltorians have the ability to see the future. Nura Nal, Dream Girl is a member of the Legion. However her sister Mysa Nal never developed the ability to see into the future and was out casted by the Naltorians. To compensate for lack of abilities Mysa learned the mystic arts on the planet Xerox, the Sorcerers World. Mysa trained to become a powerful mystic and sorceress. After helping the Legion defeat the villainous Darkseid, Mysa’s sister Nura, Dream Girl offered Mysa full membership as the White Witch.  

“Bless the teachers for their constant reminders…” In school, we learned so much from our teachers and it seemed they were always repeating themselves. Our teachers were trying to get important information into our brains. The Tao Te Ching suggests in chapter 27, “What is a good man? He is a teacher of a bad man. What is a bad man? He is a good man's charge.” We should respect our teachers – they have done their best into turning us into the good people we are today. What happens when we leave school and become adults? Do our lessons stop? No! We are always learning. We have learned from our parents, siblings, friends and even strangers. If there is a lesson to be learned we will need a teacher. There is a cliché often used, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”  In some cases the “teacher” the kindest person or they may be the most rude and unruly person. Whatever the situation after the lesson it is best to show respect for that particular teacher, even if we recognize them as a teacher only to ourselves. Today name some of the teachers.

White Witch
First Appearance: Adventure Comics, #350, (November 1966)

Creators: E. Nelson Bridwell (writer) Curt Swan (art)

* “Darkseid”, The Legion of Superheroes, Volume 34, #294, December 1982