Zatanna - A Little Dazzle

Sometimes when things just aren’t going my way or I’m just tired I need to throw in a little pizzazz. Break up the monotony by throwing the bright flamboyant tie or those colorful happy socks. Makes me feel a little better. Plus, people may compliment me on my flair. A little dazzle never hurts anybody.

A Little Dazzle

“It’s called sorcery Bruce. Usually I play it straight but for the big closer I throw in a little dazzle.” - Zatanna*

The golden age hero and powerful magician Giovanni Zatara is missing and his daughter Zatanna Zatara uses her skill and her connections as a stage performer to search for him. In the process she finds that he is a well respected superhero. She receives assistance from the Justice League of America. Eventually she finds that she herself is a powerful sorceress. Zatanna soon becomes the Justice League’s top Magical Member. She casts her spells backwards - if it can be said backwards it can happen. She continues to live in her family home Shadowcrest and she is one of the world’s foremost Stage Performers.

So what’s wrong with being dazzling? Nothing is wrong with it and it is perfectly alright to look your best and do your best. Now with dazzling magic there is always a price – you can’t use your magic to manipulate or control. Buddha’s advice from his deathbed – “Make of yourself a light.” Use your dazzling personality to attract. Just be your magnetic self and people will be attracted by the dazzle. Ask the question, why am I attracted to them? In the answer the “Dazzle” will be found. A positive attitude will bring positive results. Just remember, “gnilzzad eb syawla” it’s magic!


First Appearance: Hawkman, vol. 1 #4 (October–November, 1964)  

Creator: Gardner Fox (writer) and Murphy Anderson (artist)  

*“This Little Piggy”, Justice League: Unlimited, Season 3 Episode 6 Airdate August 28, 2004