Supergirl - Life

Yesterday, I talked briefly about my trip to the Catalan Pyrenees. What if I was afraid and didn’t take that opportunity? I would not be living the life I was given. My trip to Spain was the most wonderful gift. I’m so glad I took the foolish leap and went to Spain. Now that I’m back living in my regular schedule my life is not so humdrum. Today I have some things to take care of that will make me say, “UUHH! I don’t want to do this!” I know that tomorrow I will say, “I’m glad I did that.”


“All my life I’ve considered life the greatest of all gifts.” - Supergirl *

Supergirl, Kara Zor-el, Superman’s cousin from Krypton, was to arrive before Superman. However, her ship was knocked off course and Superman was grown by the time she arrived. The lucky thing for Supergirl, she did not age. “The Maid of Might,” has the exact same powers as Superman and a mild-mannered secret identity – Linda Danvers.  Supergirl has gone through many changes, and has changed costumes even more. But through all the changes one thing is always constant an inquisitive attraction to life and the joy of living.

Life is the greatest of all gifts. We are given the opportunity each day to wake up and live. Why spend the day complaining or arguing? Take the time to do something fun – take a walk, read a book, take a bubble bath, or stop and smell the flowers. We can take the time to do anything to remind us, “life is meant to be believed not understood.” (Santayana) Yes we are never prepared for change, but when the dust settles we find that only good has come from the change. Change is inevitable; we all walk the same path, so live today with joyful serenity. 

First Appearance: “The Girl of Steel” Superman #123, Aug. 1958

Second Appearance: “The Maid of Might,” Action Comics #252, May 1959 (Historical)

Last Appearance: “Beyond the Silent Night” Crisis on Infinite Earths #6, 1985

Rebirth Appearance: “The Supergirl from Krypton” Superman / Batman #8, DC Comics, 2004

Creators: Mort Weisinger (Editor), Otto Binder (plot), Al Plastino (art)

 * “Beyond the Silent Night” Crisis on Infinite Earths #6, 1985