Falcon - Community

I’ve been very lucky, in my youth I found groups of people to build a sense of community. I have been part of artist groups, activist groups, gay groups and recovery groups. The thing I got from most of these groups are friends. The best way to build a sense of community is to go out and make some friends – do things with your friends.


“… About how the people with power in this world are like a rock… and how the rest of us, all our voices and protests are nothing but raindrops beating on that big old boulder! But give us time, brothers and sisters, and we’ll wear down that rock just as sure as the river turns a stone to sand! And that’s our power!” - The Falcon *

Sam Wilson was the son of a minister and a very civic community minded social worker. When his parents were murdered however Sam became a selfish racketeer. But through the influences of Captain America and the Black Panther, Sam Wilson regained his senses and became the Falcon. Using a cybernetic suit and his mutant ability to communicate with his pet falcon, Redwing, Sam is now a hero protecting not just his community but all people. 

A sense of community and home is important to all people. We all need to know that we belong somewhere and with someone. We can build community without being part of an organization. We can have a sense of belonging without doing volunteer work. How? By saying “Hello,” to your neighbors. By picking up the trash in front of the apartment building. Building community is easy; belonging is easy all we should do is act as if we belong. For some of us, it may be time to join the volunteer groups, tutoring kids with reading disabilities, helping the older generations go shopping, or giving time to the homeless shelter. A sense of community is just a simple action.

The Falcon
First Appearance: “The Coming of the Flacon” Captain America #117, Sept. 1969

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), Gene Colan (art)

 * “Scattered Lives” Solo Avengers Starring Hawkeye and the Falcon #6, May 1988