Uncle Sam - Justice

On this day, I can’t help but remember one of my favorite comics The Freedom Fighters. Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters fought for the rights and freedoms for ALL people. Being a Gay kid, I read comics that made me feel protected and accepted. The Freedom Fighters were one of those comics. I truly wish all Americans felt the same. This country was created by immigrants arriving to these shores. The images and stories I’ve read recently has be thinking we as a people forgot our American history. The first colonist to these shores were seeking religious freedom and criminals seeking freedom. We are all different -- we should celebrate our uniqueness.  It has me thinking what is Justice?


“Sonny, you may think you hold us here now, but justice has a way of winning in the end.” - Uncle Sam*  

Uncle Sam is “the national personification of the United States".  The story is Uncle Sam is the “Spirit of America” created by a spiritual occult ritual performed by the “Founding Fathers”. The strength and power of the spirit is proportionally based on the faith and ideals the American people have in Liberty and Freedom. At times Uncle Sam has super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability and can grow into a giant. Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters have always fought for the rights and freedoms of the all American People.  

Justice is the quality of being fair, impartial and equal. The action of conforming to the law – doing what is right for the betterment of ALL people. To be honest Justice has a wide and broad definition. The words to remember are impartial and fair. The best way to show Justice is to have an open-mind and an open-heart. To be open-minded and open-hearted does not mean opened-morality. It means to be willing to look, listen and learn. Today think and look for ways to be impartial and fair, free from desire – at that moment there will be Justice.

Uncle Sam

First Appearance: National Comics, #1, July, 1940, Quality Comics  

First Appearance: Justice League of America #107, October 1973, DC Comics

Creator: Will Eisner  

*“War Zone” Crisis on Infinite Earths #9, 1985