Bluebird - Nerve

When we have big events, or interviews it takes nerve to suit up and show up. Even when we should do a big spring cleaning and through away all the junk we collected. It takes nerve to get the job done. It may seem foolish but I remember to take a deep breath, focus my attention on what’s important – LOVE. Then I can find the nerve.  


“Okay, Okay… so I’ve got a few things to learn.” - Bluebird*

To be a superhero requires skill but it also requires nerve. For example, Sally Avril only wanted to be Spiderman’s partner. So, creating a stylish outfit, using her gymnastic abilities and “ether eggs” (an egg bomb filled with ether). Sally created the persona, Bluebird. Helping Spiderman defeat Electro, the Eel and the Scarlet Beetle. She did demonstrate her nerve becoming Bluebird and facing villains that are dangerous. It would take chutzpa to attack a villain made of pure electricity like Electro with “ether eggs”. In the end, Bluebird used the information and the materials she had at hand and she was victorious.

Today we all have fears to face. It seems there is always some obstacle to overcome or some person, place or thing blocking our path. Should we stop and give up? No, pull the nerve up by the bootstraps and face the obstacle. We use our collected information and materials at our fingertips. True nerve is realizing that every situation is a learning experience and the obstacle blocking our path is the teacher. We have gain wisdom from past experiences to fall upon. We have not been brought this far to fail; we will always be cared for in unexpected ways. Just remember Ether Eggs won’t work on Electro.

First Appearance: Sally Avril -- Amazing Fantasy #15 Aug. 1962, Marvel Comics

Heroic Appearance: Bluebird – Untold Tales of Spiderman #11 1996, Marvel Comics

Last Appearance: Untold Tales of Spiderman #13 1996

Creators: Stan Lee, Kurt Busiek (writers) , Steve Ditko, Pat Olliffe 

* Untold Tales of Spiderman #13 1996