Medusa - No Fuss

I know you’ll find this hard to believe but I have character defects and I have flaws. When I focus on these flaws or defects I can get anxious and begin to focus on the negative. I try daily to find what is good about me – my creativity, my sense of fashion or my kindness. When I focus on these my world gets better and I am not so bogged down in anxiety or negativity. It’s easier for me to remember to go for a walk or to wash the dishes. I am more reliable and ready to help my neighbor. I become less likely to fuss over my weight or my hair loss.

No Fuss

“Medusa does not 'fuss.' She does not need to.” - Medusa*                                                  

The “Inhumans” enigmatic friends of the Fantastic Four are actually human. They were prehistoric humans found by the conquering intergalactic Kree. These humans were experiment on using the “Terrigan Mist”. A gas that imbues the breather with a power or new genetic code that would enhance their personality or their chief characteristics. The Royal Family Gorgon, Karnak, Crystal, Triton, King Black Bolt and his Queen Medusa rule the Inhumans. These Inhumans used to live in a hidden Himalayan city, Attilan, also known as “The Great Refuge.” After the “Great Refuge was destroyed the Inhumans moved to the Blue side of the moon to New Attilan. Queen Medusa is the voice of the Inhumans. She sees herself as royal, worthy and trusted by her people and her King. She is also beautiful and well liked. Her power is her hair – super strong, prehensile, fast growing, and flaming red hair. There is no need for her to fuss or primp. She is who she is and Medusa recognizes her abilities and gifts as a means to help her people, community and family.

We are who we are. There is no way to change. Yes, we may be a little overweight. We may drink too much or even gamble too much. I may have too much gray hair. There is no way to change our personalities. Yes, we can stop drinking, and change the hair color or we can change our diet. Underneath all the defects (which we focus on too much) are the “Character Assets.” We all have them; we may have a great kindness, great creativity, and great sense of justice. A great voice. We may even have beautiful red hair. We can focus on what is right today. Instead of focusing on the defect or the negativity we can go get the hair done, take the kids to the park, or help the neighbor weed the garden. When we focus on the good the negative simply fades away. We find we are perfect and there is no need to fuss or primp or fight.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #36, March. 1965 

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), and Jack Kirby (art)

 *“An evening’s wait for death!” Amazing Adventures featuring the Inhumans and the Black Widow #7, July 1971