Detective Chimp - Three Laws

I seek Balance - Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. My idea of Balance is the concept of a three-legged stool. If one leg is broken or short the stool doesn’t work. So, I try to keep my Balance (PSE). I try to get some sort of exercise every day. I meditate every day. I communicate with a friend every day. Attempting these things keep me in Balance (PSE) and I am able to handle life’s difficulties much easier.

Three Laws

“With a debt to Dr. Isaac Asimov, we call them the Three Laws of Superheroics, and invite any other superhero or team to adopt them.” - Detective Chimp*

Detective Bobo T Chimpanzee was just a regular chimp in the jungle. He was trapped and trained by Fred Thorpe to become a sideshow act.  Eventually Fred Thorpe died and Bobo was traveling alone when he met Rex the wonder Dog. The two of them found the “Fountain of Youth”. After drinking the waters Bobo found he could speak to any creature in their language (even humans) and heightened intelligence to the point of genius. Using these skills he became a detective and has worked with Batman and Ralph Dibny, Elongated Man. He joined up with the Shadowpact protecting the world from magical threats. It was Shadowpact's goal to be welcomed and trusted by the people they protected. Detective Chimp wrote the “Three Laws of Superheroics”, based on Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. The Three Laws of Superheroics: first, the lives and safety of innocent bystanders will always be protected; Second, the lives and safety of the superhero (you) and the team must be protected except when it conflicts with the first law; Third, the lives and safety of the villain must be protected except when it conflicts with the first two laws, primarily the first law.

These three laws could be adapted to our thoughts of a balance life – the physical spiritual and emotional life. The first law, the protection and care of those around us is truly a spiritual act and idea. The innocent friend, coworker or the little old lady next door sometimes need our sacrifice of time and action. The physical care of our body and health makes it possible for us to be present for the first law. Finally in concerns for the third law, the emotional is how we communicate to those around us. If we have an issue with someone how do we forgive them or communicate with them. We always remember that our first concern is the protection and care of those around us. This balanced cycle makes these three laws more easily understood in our simple terms.

Detective Chimp
First Appearance: The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog, #4 (July-Aug. 1952) DC Comics

Creators: John Broome (writer) Carmine Infantino (art)

* “Three Laws Safe”, Shadowpact, #9, March 2007, DC Comics