Chameleon Boy - A Solution

When I am teaching math, I tell the students all the time, “There is a pattern to each equation. Find the pattern and you can solve the equation.” The same can be said for problems in my life. If I can find the pattern I can solve the problem. If I can find the solution I can remove the obstacle. Sometimes the difficult part is finding the pattern. That’s when I need to ask for help. I do not need to fear asking for help.

A Solution

“For every obstacle there is a solution – For every obstacle there is a solution and mine is being double jointed!” - Chameleon Boy*                            

The 30th Century will bring some really wonderful surprises. There will be inhabited planets with some really interesting beings, a united Planets Federation and a Legion of Superheroes. One of these planets is Durla. All Durlans have the ability to become any shape; they are supreme shape-shifters. One of the greatest Durlans is Reep Daggle, Chameleon Boy of the Legion of Superheroes. Being a shape-shifter it is difficult to hold or trap Chameleon Boy.

Obstacles are in our path to help us. Once we pass an obstacle we are closer to our goal. Once we pass an obstacle we see a bit more clearly and we feel a sense of accomplishment. We find Hope. For every obstacle there is a solution – we just have to find the solution. It takes a little time. It takes a little patience. It may mean we ask for help. Obstacles are in our path for a reason. That reason is to learn a lesson. Learn a lesson from the Durlans or the Chameleons, be willing to change and be flexible and the obstacle will be easy passed.

Chameleon Boy
First Appearance:  Action Comics #267 (August 1960)

Creators: Jerry Siegel (writer, Jim Mooney (art)

* Chameleon Boy, “Karate Kid”, episode, Legion of Superheroes, October 27 2007

Actor Alexander Polinsky