Ultra Boy - Helping Hand

I do love my friends old and new. They are a source of strength and inspiration. I try my best to be present with an open-mind and heart when my friends are involved. My true friends will treat me the same way I treat them. I try to treat everyone equally, I know that I fail at times but at least I do try. Giving a helping hand is more than just helping each other. It is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves.

Helping Hand

“… But what are old friends for, if you can’t give them a helping hand?” - Ultra Boy*             

The 30th Century will see people with extraordinary powers and gifts. There will be many planets far and wide. Rimbor is one planet. Rimbor is a planet of thieves and gangs. Jo Nah was trying to get away from Rimbor when his ship was swallowed by an energy beast. Jo Nah survived. When he was released from the beast’s belly Jo nah found he had gifts. Jo Nah took the name Ultra Boy and had the same powers as Superboy but with one little twist. He could only use each power one at a time. He became the hero of Rimbor and then one the main members of the Legion of Superheroes.

Old friends, we all have them. We love our friends old and new. Today however, let’s talk about offering the “Helping Hand”. There is an old spiritual axiom, “Love thy neighbor”. When we help our neighbors we build integrity. If we live by “Love thy Neighbor” then our actions and words are the same when we offer the “Helping Hand” to our neighbor. People will begin to trust us more. After watching us offer the “Helping Hand” people around us will do the same. We also build insurance for when we may need a helping hand. Opening a door for a little old woman, helping a child that has fallen or even giving a jar of soup to a homeless dude are all “Helping Hands”. The “Helping Hand” can be seen in the home, in the neighborhood, at the job or even on the street. Offering the “Helping Hand” is an easy way to practice a spiritual life.

Ultra Boy
First Appearance: Superboy #98 (July 1962)

Creators: Jerry Siegel (writer), and Curt Swan (art)

 * "Murder Most Foul", Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes#239 (May 1978)