Green Lantern Corps - Oaths

Prayers and Mantras are powerful tools for any spiritual growth. I have a couple use regularly. The thing that works best for me is sitting quietly. I was told a long time ago that prayers are me talking to God and meditation is when I listen to God. These days for me sitting and listening for that Good Orderly Direction is the best thing I can do for myself. I sit for 20 minutes every morning in silence with my eyes closed. Even when my mind is swirling and the silence is deafening - afterwards I feel centered and ready to start my day.


“In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No evil shall escape my sight! Let those that worship evils might beware my power Green Lantern’s Light!” - Green Lantern Corps Oath* 

The immortal Guardians of the Universe, little blue men dressed in red, are some of the oldest beings in our universe. They have tried over the thousands of years to protect the universe. They decided to create a corps of galactic policemen to protect the 3600 sectors of the universe. Using an emerald green power source the Guardians formed lanterns and rings. The wearer of the ring can focus their will into any form of light. The stronger the will is the more powerful the ring wearer.  Each Green Lantern Corps member needs to charge their ring every 24 hours. Wearing the ring they place the ring into the lantern and recite their oath.  The oath is also used when the Green Lantern is in need of strengthening their will and in turn their abilities.             

Many of people practice a spiritual ritual every morning in which prayers affirmations or mantras are recited. Some people just practice a physical ritual – sitting quietly drinking a cup of coffee reading the newspaper or even painting their nails quietly. Ask a 12 Steps recovering alcoholic what they will say when they need to rebuild their resolve – the Serenity Prayer. A Catholic may turn to the Rosary or Hail Mary, and the normal Joe on the street may just so “Oh God Please Help Me!” There is something to be said about practicing oaths, mantras, affirmations or prayers. When the thoughts are swirling around without meaning or focus the simple words chosen to recite will rebuild and focus the clear thoughts into even stronger resolve.

Green Lantern Corps   
First Appearance:  DC Showcase #22 (September 1959)

Creators: John Broome (writer) & Gil Kane (art)

*Alfred Bester, writer of Green Lantern, 1940’s