Beautiful Dreamer - Sum of Our Parts

I seek a spiritual life. I am not ashamed to admit it. There are people that believe my spiritual practices are lacking and without feeling – even wrong at times. I do not let these people bother me. I continue to practice daily and I can connect to my source. I find the power and inspiration I need each day. The truest connections to my spiritual life is when I am able to humbly connect without another person.

Sum of Our Parts

“We merge to become part of the source and greater than the sum of our parts.” - Beautiful Dreamer*

Beautiful Dreamer is just that a “dreamer”. She can cast dreams into the minds of those around her. Beautiful Dreamer is a member of the Forever People. The Forever People, a group of young New Gods from New Genesis. They travel and enjoy each others’ company. They live their lives as colony of free spirited youthful and forever young people. The Forever People are Beautiful Dreamer, Mark Moonrider, Vykin, Serifan and Big Bear. By simultaneously speaking the word “Taaru” the Forever People can merge to become the Infinity Man – a being of immense power and connected to the Source. The Source is the power of Life, Growth, and the power of existence itself. To be one with the Source is to be greater.

Humans believe in the “Source” – although we call it by different names. We do try to connect to that source and grow spiritually and emotionally. When do most people feel the connection strongest? Christians feel it at church. Recovering alcoholics in AA feel it at a meeting.  Normal people find it with friends sharing a cup of coffee. When we find the connection to people we find the connection to the source. To make a connection to people makes living much easier. Connections can be made through spiritual or religious beliefs or practices, hobbies, creativity or even just riding with people on a bus. The point is to believe the connection is always present. The connection is with other human beings. Make a connection today and feel your source grow stronger.

Beautiful Dreamer
First Appearance: Forever People #1, February, 1971

Creators: Jack Kirby

 * “Young Justice” Disordered, airing Nov. 11, 2011, Dreamer voiced by Grey Delisle.