Lightray - Laughter

Sometimes comics can make me laugh. Those who have heard me laugh know I have an obnoxious laugh. I love it when my laugh silences a room. I love laughing. I wish I could say laughing is my favorite pastime but that would make me sound like the Joker. HA!


“NONSENSE! To laugh is to feel the beat of life! Live, Orion! LIVE!” - Lightray*  

“There came a time when the old gods died” * and who replaced the old gods but the New Gods. The New gods are an alien race from the planet New Genesis. Lead by the High-father these new gods are in constant battle with Darksied and the gods of the planet Apokolips. Of all these “New Gods” no one is as optimistic and cheerful as Lightray.  Lightray has the power of light, he can control all forms of light, he can travel at the speed of light. Lightray has enhanced strength and endurance. With all this power he chooses to solve problems peacefully without conflict. He uses his speed to eluded villains. Lightray’s true power is his cheerfulness and optimism.

Laughter! A gut level laugh feels so good. Laughing to tears is always fun. We have been told from an early age that laughter is healing. This is very true. Think back, in moments of distress, stress, anger or fear what helps but a good ole laugh. We do feel a certain beat when we laugh – there is a cadence to our laughter. Listen to different kinds of laughs and notice the beat. Then notice the smiles on the faces and see that laughter is the “Beat of Life.” Live in laughter.

First Appearance:   New Gods #1, February 1971

Creator: Jack Kirby (written, drawn, & edited)

* New Gods #1, Orion Fights for Earth, February 1971

* New Gods #1, Orion Fights for Earth, February 1971