Mach V - The Same Hope

I love stories of second changes. When someone hits bottom and finds a second change to become better inspires me. These stories have always inspired me. I found Hope when I hit bottom and all I did was open my eyes.

The Same Hope

“I want to offer men and women who’ve made Mistakes the same chance…the same hope I got.” - Abner Jenkins (Mach IV) *                           

Sometimes a villain will try to redeem himself and become a better person. Abner Jenkins was the high-tech criminal “Beetle”. He was a member of the Masters of Evil which as a ploy to fool the American citizens became the Thunderbolts. Abner changed his alias to Mach I. Just like a computer each time he upgrades his high-tech suit and weapons, he changes his name, he is now Mach V. Eventually Abner became a true hero and fights the good fight. For Abner he found Hope in his second chances.

We hit bottom and we need to climb back up. We hit bottom and we need a second chance. When we need that second chance it comes. It comes in the form of Hope. There is always Hope – even at the bottom. We often hear “it’s darkest just before dawn.” What happens at dawn? What happens in the dark tunnel? We find the faintest of lights. The light at the end of the tunnel is Hope. The light of a new dawn is Hope. The second chance is Hope. There is always Hope. The best example we can find is a recovering addict. Ask a recovering addict what they found when they hit bottom and became honest about their addiction? They will say something like this, “When I hit bottom and became honest I found a second chance, I found people that understood and I found Hope.” All we must do is turn and face Hope to find that light - all we need is a second chance.

Mach V
First Appearance: (as Beetle) Strange Tales #123, Marvel comics (August 1964)

First Appearance: (as Mach 1) Thunderbolts #1, Marvel Comics (April 1997)

Creators: (Beetle) Stan Lee (writer) and Carl Burgos (art) 

Creators: (Mach I) Kurt Busiek (writer) & Mark Bagley  (art)  

*New Thunderbolts, #1 January, 2005