The Hulk - Pathos

Believe it are not me and The Hulk are the same age. For that reason, I’ve always felt a connection to the Hulk. I loved the story line when the heroes, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt and Professor Xavier sent Bruce Banner, the Hulk into outer space. Then he found a home and people that loved him. I connected with that story so much. I knew exactly how it felt.


“Every story has to have a little pathos.” - Jack Kirby – About the Incredible Hulk

One of the saddest Superheroes ever created is the Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner while protecting a young kid from a nuclear explosion was bombarded with Gamma rays and now in fits of anger becomes the hulking green monster – The Incredible Hulk. The angrier the Hulk becomes the more destructive and powerful the Hulk becomes. When all is said and done; when The Hulk has become Bruce Banner again, Bruce must deal with the destruction, misery, and pain the Hulk has caused. Readers naturally feel pity, feel sympathy and compassion for Bruce and the Hulk. The Incredible Hulk would not be so popular if not for the pathos we all feel for him.

Pathos – We all have a little pathos in our lives. Everyone has a little sadness to deal with. We all go through rough times. If not for the rough and sad times, how would we ever be able to enjoy and appreciate the good times? As humans we have been given the power to create or evoke compassion and pity toward others. Recognizing the pathos in others will help bring a friend peace. Recognizing we all have a little pathos make our individual stories worth listening. This is all we ever truly want – to have some one listen to the pathos and give a little compassion.  

The Incredible Hulk
First Appearance: “The Strangest Man of All Time” The Incredible Hulk, #1, May 1962

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), Jack Kirby (art)