Free Spirit - Freedom & Justice

I don’t know too much about Free Spirit. I did love that Captain America had a female sidekick for a while. To me that was very cool. When I was younger I thought of myself as a free spirit. As I get older I’m not so free with my spirit, but I like to think that I allow the people around the justice to express themselves and live their lives freely.

Freedom & Justice

“I mean freedom and justice are not synonymous but there's some similarities there, some points in common." -  Mark Gruenwald*

Graduate student Cathy Webster was experiment on with subliminal psychology, to hate all men. Cathy was also subjected to a mutagenic radiation that enhanced her strength and agility. Eventually she breaks free of this psychological damage to defeat her captors Superia and Baron Zemo. Cathy takes the name Free Spirit, and soon crosses paths with Captain America, becoming a protégé of his.  Cathy Webster is Free Spirit fighting for Freedom and Justice!

Freedom and Justice are two words often spoken together. Both words have certain qualities. To have Freedom there is the absence of coercion and constraint. There is a feeling of release. To experience Justice there is a feeling or idea of fairness in dealing right action. To experience “true” freedom is a joy and glory to behold. To know “true” justice is to know a sense of belonging in non-conformity. Superheroes often fight for Freedom and/or Justice so that the people can experience the truer sense of Freedom and Justice.  Nina Simon sang, “I wish I could share; all the love that's in my heart; Remove all the bars; That keep us apart; I wish you could know; What it means to be me; Then you'd see and agree; That every man should be free.” That is a good description of freedom but to experience justice would be to let every man be free.

Free Spirit
First Appearance: Captain America #431, Marvel Comics (September 1994)
Creator: Mark Grunewald (writer) and Dave Hoover (art)

* COMIC-ART.COM, Interview with Mark Gruenwald, 1994, interviewer Steve Ringenberg