Tyroc - Being Wrong

Growing up, Tyroc was one of my favorite heroes. He was the Legion’s first black member. I would often ask myself why is there no black heroes? Then Tyroc emerged. I thoroughly enjoyed him. Now there are many other black members of the Legion of Superheroes. It is important to remember those that came first.

Being Wrong

“I guess I’ve been wrong… about a lot of things…” - Tyroc*                                                     

The 30th Century is filled with wonders beyond belief, for example the Legion of Superheroes. But there is another wonder to amaze us. The island near the coast of Africa, Marzal. A slave ship washed to shore on Marzal and the inhabitants has lived on this island for hundreds of years, since the 1700’s. The amazing thing about this island is the “Brigadoon Effect.” This island appears every hundred years, and then after a few years will go to sleep and will not be seen for another hundred years. Marzal’s champion is Troy Stewart, otherwise known as Tyroc. Tyroc has the ability to scream sonic yells but with each yell something happens; teleportation, force fields, practically anything happens with his screams. Marzal is a very private and close community. They are a proud African Tribe. When the Legion of Superheroes arrives, the superheroes was met with distrust and fear of white people (or Caucasian looking people). Eventually Tyroc and his people saw the error in their fears accepting that the Legion really cares. Tyroc became the first African to join the Legion of Superheroes.

There seems to be people that can go throw life calmly and quietly with a deliberate composure. It is like they live in the middle, and are temperate. Watch these people they do not fight or argue, yell or scream. But they stand up for themselves also. These people are amazing. How do they live like this? They question their actions, and they examine their lives daily. When they are wrong they admit defeat or mistake openly and then they move on to the next lesson. Living humbly is difficult. Living moderately is difficult. There many spiritual matters - hope, faith, service, and meditation. But what about moderation? Examining our lives is an important part of spiritual growth, seeking balance is important to living a calm, harmonious, and serene life. The only way to do this is to ask questions and give honest answers. Go ahead ask those questions, give the answers and when wrong promptly admit it.    

First Appearance: “The Hero who Hated the Legion” Legion of Superheroes #216, April 1976

Last Appearance: * “The Brigadoon Syndrome” Legion of Superheroes #265, April 1980

Creators: Cary Bates (script), and Mike Grell (art)

 * “The Hero who Hated the Legion” Legion of Superheroes #216, April 1976