Jean Grey - Give A Girl A Chance

I used to hate hearing, “a little boy doesn’t do that!” Who cares if I wanted my ears pierced or I wanted to wear nail polish. When I got older that is exactly what I did – got my ears pierced and started wearing nail polish. It’s who I am. It doesn’t make me less than a man or more feminine it makes me Richard.

Give a Girl a Chance!

“Just like a male to think that only he can meet a crisis! How about giving a poor helpless little girl a chance?” - Marvel Girl*  

Jean Grey is a mutant with telepathy and telekinesis. She was approached my Professor X (Charles Xavier) to become one of his students and join his X-Men. Jean took the name Marvel Girl. When Jean started her heroic career she was a bit timid and lacked courage but she grew strong and more confident. Eventually she attracted the entity known as the “Phoenix”. In an attempt to save her comrades she bonds with the Phoenix entity and immerges as “Phoenix” a stronger more powerful version of herself. She takes the name Phoenix.

Creative, Comfortable, Confident and Courageous are four words used to describe people. Women and men have the same feelings and concerns. They both can act the same in public. Women seek the same spiritual levels as men. There are women that can beat men in wrestling or boxing. There are men that can cook or decorate better than a woman. With that, why do we separate ourselves by sex and/or labels? The four words above are good guide posts. It is your focus that matters. If you wish to be creative, then create something; if you wish to be comfortable give comfort to someone. If the focus is to be confident stand up and speak out. To be courageous take that first step into a new situation. It does not matter our sex it is our purpose or goal we set for ourselves.

Marvel Girl
First Appearance: X-Men #1, September 1963

Creator: Stan Lee (writer) and Jack Kirby (art)

* X-Men, The Triumph of Magneto! Roy Thomas and Neal Adams, Dec. 1970 #63