Comet Queen - Your First Nova

I’m often reminded to live in the present. I can find that difficult because the past was so much fun, and/or I can hold a good old fashion grudge for a long time. The future is full of “what if’s” that keeps my mind swirling. But, when I can live in the present I see clearly that everything from my past has lead me to this moment. Everything I have to offer comes from the lessons I’ve learned. When I am able to live in the present there is no future to concerned me.

Your First Nova

“Life’s not about your first nova, Twinkle. It’s about your latest and hottest!” - Comet Queen*

Grava from the 30th Century, Earth colony Xtal was always fascinated with the Legion of Superheroes. Her particular favorite was Star Boy. Grava wanted to join the Legion so like her hero, Star Boy she jumped through a comet. Now when Star Boy did this he was in a ship; Grava however was unprotected and changed. Grava gained the power of flight and can travel through space unprotected. She has strength, resistance to damage and she emits the same gases found in a comet. Grava never made it to the Legion. She did attend the Legion Academy but was only offered membership into the Legion of Substitute Heroes. She sees herself as great and heroic. She does whatever she can with an upbeat and bright attitude as the Comet Queen!

“Life’s not about your first nova, Twinkle. It’s about your latest and hottest!” We should "Live in the moment". If we spend our time thinking about the past we will not see the gifts of the present. If we continue to worry about the past we will never reach the future. There’s an old colloquialism; “If you have a foot in the past and a foot in the future then you’re pissing on the present.” It’s a little brazen but the message is received. Don’t worry about the first nova be part of the nova you are creating now? These are the brightest, hottest and strongest.

Comet Queen
First Appearance:  Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2, #304, October 1983

Creators: Joseph Samachson (Writer), Joe Certa (Artist)

* “The Tragic Origin of Comet Queen!” Action Comics, #527, August 2011